Clip in ponytail wrap hair extensions 24 inch straight - platinum/light brown

Clip in ponytail wrap hair extensions 24 inch straight - platinum/light brown

Extra long clip in ponytail wrap / braid made from the finest 100% Japanese Kanekalon!

$49.92 tax incl.

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  • Structure: Straight
  • Length: 24 inches (65cm)
  • Weight: 100g
  • Hair type: 100% Japanese Kanekalon
  • Type of extension: clip in long ponytail / braid wrap
  • Heat friendly: Yes
  • Application: Easy do-it-yourself application


This long ponytail makes a big impression.


The application takes just about 2 minutes and you can do it all alone without someone's help.


It's basically a strip of hair sewn together. In their upper part is a small "clip", which is inserted into your short ponytail. Then you separate long thin strip of hair, which you wrap aroundyour small ponytail and easily secure with a clasp. This kind of hairstyle perfectly holds all day long without need of any adjustments.


If your hair is long enough to gather into a ponytail (even a very very small one) you can wear our clip in ponytail hair extension.


This long pony / braid hair extension from Japanese Kanekalon can be straightened and curled at lower temperatures.


We do not recommend only dye and bleach.


100% Japanese Kanekalon is a high quality synthetic material that is indistinguishable from real human hair by look or touch.


This special high-quality synthetic material retains its shine and brittleness is suppressed, that is why it is the best material for clip in ponytails.


Experiment with different placement (high, low, side) to create different ponytail looks.


Create a great new ponytail hairstyle by adding in length, body and shine by simply wrapping our ponytail wrap to your own hair!


Everything is very simple and the results are perfect.


How to apply ponytail wrap


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