Frequently asked questions

1. How much time does it take to deploy clip in and how difficult is it?

Attaching clip in hair takes a minimum of time, usually a maximum of 5 minutes. Extending with this method everyone can handle alone without any help in the comfort of their home.

2. How do I use clip in?

Clip in hair is one of the easiest hair extensions. Clip in is attached with small staples to the roots of real hair, which covers the staples.

3. In what colors are clip in available?

Clip in is available in a wide range of classic colors, highlights, but also extravagant colors that make your hairstyle come alive.

4. What is clip in made from?

Clip in is made exclusively from 100% genuine human hair of the European type.

5. Which hair type is best?

They are clearly 100% human hair of the European type. This hair is rich and very soft to the touch. The advantage is also the possibility of heat and chemical treatment, such as filming, straightening, coloring, etc. These hair can be found in our offer.

6. Is it possible to chemically and thermally modify the clip in?

In the case of our 100% human hair, you can make heat treatments (ie, hair dryer, iron, roll), it is also possible to tune hair shade with spillovers (perhaps discoloration is not quite appropriate, as it could dry the hair unnecessarily).

7. What does REMY mean?

This designation captures the cuticle hair only downwards, thus minimizing unwanted tangles. Basically, as the hair was cut and in the same direction the set is made of it, all hair is in its natural direction and does not sniff like those commonly produced without remy label.

8. How do I need to take care of clip in?

We do this in detail in our own section on our website. Simply, clip in just as needed to wash with better quality shampoo with conditioner, let them dry freely, then comb them and further edit. It's nothing complicated.

9. How often can I wear clip in?

Clip in can be worn practically all the time, perhaps just overnight to remove them. But many customers keep them permanently without taking them out for the night. Everything depends on your own discretion.

10. How long it takes to deliver ordered hair?

Very fast orders dispatch and express shipping. We ship all orders within 24 hours from placing of your order. Delivery to most places in the world takes around 4-8 days. We dispatch all weekend orders on Monday.

11. Didn't receive an automatic order confirmation email?

If you do not receive an automatic confirmation of your order within 15 min. from order, in this case write us a classic e-mail to: info@hair-extensions-salecom and state in the text of your e-mail: Your delivery address Your e-mail and phone Name of goods you order + color We will check the order immediately , or we will create it manually for you and we will notify you immediately by email or telephone.

12. Can I replace or return purchased goods?

Yes, the goods can be replaced or returned unused within 14 days of receipt, according to the terms and conditions. You can exchange for another method of extension, color, shade and number of packages.

13. Are hair extensions right?

Yes, our hair for extension is 100% genuine human European type in the highest REMY quality. The only exception is clip ponytails, which we offer both real hair and Japanese kanekalon.