Tape in hair extensions - principles and rules

The tape in method is becoming more and more popular and widespread all over the world. A frequent question from our customers that appears often is the bond itslef – the adhesive tape. Many of the customers are still concerned about the hair slipping down from the hair and if the bonds are able to withstand their daily routine. As we have extensive experience with the tape in method, please let us summarize everything you need to know about the tape in method in this short article. By the end of this article you will see there is no place for concern at all.

Application of the Tape in hair extensions:

1. Wash your hair the day before application of the hair extensions. Please use only ordinary cleansing shampooo (without oils – as an example – nettle of some other degreasing shampoos are sufficient). It is veryimportant for the hair to be completely degreased and that all previously used hair care and styling products are washed off.
2. Place a thin strip of your own hair between the two tape in wefts. When aplying your hair on the bottom tape, place only as much hair on the tape as sticks to it nicely. Separate the rest otherwise the adhesive would not be able to bond sufficiently through the thick strand of hair.
3. Put on the top weft of the tape hair. Press the bond with your fingers from the center to the edges. This will release the air from between the strands and the adhesive will stick better.
4. Using a hair straightener press the bond for about 3 seconds and then press again, ideally with pliers (e.g. The ones for micro ring method are sufficient).
5. Do not wash your hair for at least 2 – 3 days after the application. It is necessary to protect the bonding parts from water and heat.

Adherence to these few basic rules will ensure that the hair will be holding really firmly and will easily withstand a visit to the wellness and swimming pool, doing sports or swimming in the sea.

As with all of the permanent methods of hair exensions Tape in requires regular adjustment and reapplication of the tape in wefts. It is necessary to move the hair wefts back to the roots of your hair in about every 6 – 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grow. To remove and adjust the hair a special remover solution and a new tape are required.

Apply the remover solution on the adhesive tape. As soon as the adhesive loosens you can gently remove the strand from your hair. Remove all remains of tape from the strand and then wash it thorougly and let it dry. Then a new adhesive tape can be applied and your hair extension can be put back to your hair. You already know the procedure :-).

Principles of care for the hair extensions and what to look out for:

  • combing – do not brush your hair immediately after application. The adhesive may not have dried enought yet so be sure to wait at least for an hour after the application. Furthermore, do not ever brush the hair when it is wet. That puts a lot of pressure and stress on the bond (and even the hair itself). We recommend using the hairbrushes designed specially for hair extensions.
  • heat styling – when applying the hair extensions, we use the hair straightener for melting the adhesive so it holds better on the hair. However, exposure of the bond to the heat after the application will have completely opposite effect – the adhesive will melt and the bond will loosen. When straightening your hair, do not run over the adhesive tapes, do not put curling iron close to the tape and do now blow-dry your hair pointing the dryer on one place for too long.
  • cosmetic products – conditioner, mask, hair oil, etc. - In addition to nutrition and hair treatment all of these product also provide softening and moisturizing effect and can disrupt the adhesive tape bonds. But do not worry, you can still use all of these products they just need to be applied correctly – i.e.to the lenghts of the hair and never to the roots (and bonds).
  • too much hair between the tapes – if there is too much of your hair between the wefts, the glue cannot get through the hair correctly and the strand is more prone to slip down.